bmw 2002

Shiny New Parts

Aug 04, 2006

     BIG NEWS:  The car actually starts!  More on that in a minute.

     There's been a lot of work done to the car in the past few months, and there's a lot of shiny metal under the hood to prove it.  I ditched the "old and busted" Weber 34 ICH carb in favor of a "new hotness" Weber 32/36 DGV.  Two barrels, more reliable, better performance.  It necessitated an intake manifold from a late-model 2002, though.  Rather than scour the junkyards around the valley under the horrible summer sun, I just ordered up a new one from Pierce.  It should have bolted right on, but no such luck.  Some of the holes drilled into the manifold that accept the posts on the head were drilled such that there wasn't any clearance on the back for the nuts to spin.  I had to grind down some of the manifold to make room.  Insult to injury, one of the fittings for coolant flow won't come off of my old manifold.  I'm still waiting for that little part.

No more carburetor or intake manifold. The engine block is pretty nasty. I think it's from the base gasket on the old carb leaking fuel.


The bottom of my brand new manifold, groud down in a few spots to give room for the nuts to spin on the posts.  It's now a "custom part", one of a kind.  The hole right in the middle is that stupid coolant fitting I'm waiting for. intake manifold

Lots of shine under the hood now.  New manifold, carburetor, and air filter housing.  Not pictured:  new gaskets to keep the fuel inside the engine. new carb

intake manifold

      And, yes, it starts.  What with all those new parts, it ought to.  After installing the new carb and getting some help timing the ignition to the engine, it fires up and sounds really good.  I don't know what the muffler is (Ansa? I haven't looked), but it has a really nice tone.  I still have to fit the new pull cable for the manual choke (the old one wasn't long enough).  But that's all that's left to getting it running.  The brakes still need work, and I'll post on that when they're done.

     As soon as it's safe to drive, I'm going to gingerly drive it to a mechanic for some work.  The engine and transmission are out of alignment with the car's body.  You can see that the fan has dug into the radiator, so the previous owner drove it around without realizing the problem.  I don't know what might have caused this, but one of the motor mounts was missing a bolt.  Maybe driving and stopping was enough to shift it out of place.  My dad and I weren't able to muscle all that weight into the right position.  We tried out some creative ideas, but no success.  It'll be much easier (and less dangerous) to take it to someone who has an engine crane and can do the job properly.

The engine is slightly misaligned, having caused the fan to hit the radiator.  This has also sheared the transmission mount.
crooked engine

     I'm almost done with the brakes, so hopefully the next update won't be two months in the making.