bmw 2002

Hot as Hell on the Devil's Day

Jun 06, 2006

     Summer's just begun, but it's been 100+ degrees in the garage for weeks now.  Lately, it's been above 90 even in the evenings.  I can't open the garage door because the dogs just insist on monitoring (and tasting) everything I'm doing in there.  Nonetheless, I've managed to make some progress in short bursts, punctuated by downtime as I wait for parts to arrive.

     I replaced the fuel pump, along with all the rock-hard rubber fuel lines under the hood.  Got a new battery and put some fuel into the tank.  Replaced the short rubber sender line while I was in there, which was obviously original.  The starter works and the engine cranks, but the fuel just wasn't flowing.  Turns out, the push rod that makes the fuel pump pump was the wrong rod for the new pump (it's OK if you have to read that twice).  Mine is an early model 2002.  Late model 2002s used a slightly different fuel pump with a shorter push rod.  Apparently some previous owner installed a pump for a late-model 2002 and changed the push rod to a short one.  But my new fuel pump is for early-model 2002s, so it requires a longer push rod.  (Thank you Restoration Guide for this little factoid.)  Anyway, yet another parts order got me the push rod of correct length.

New pump and rubber under the hood.

1971 BMW 2002 fuel pump

     And it works.  Fuel's flowing like crazy when I crank the engine.  Some of it even flows out the bottom of the carburetor all over the intake manifold and down to the engine block.  Fuel's leaking out of the base gasket, so I'll have to find a rebuild kit for this carburetor.  I might just replace it outright since I want a sportier and more reliable one anyway.  But the engine won't fire up.  So, I'll pull out the spark plugs and check their terminals.  It looks like the distributor cap and points are fairly new, but we'll see;   maybe wishful eyes are deceiving me.

     In the meantime, I've jacked the car up and removed all the wheels to replace the brake fluid.  And I've put in an order to Tire Rack for some new tires since the wheels are off.  Some people attest, "My other car is a Ferrari."  But for me, my other car is a station wagon.  A fast one.  Something that I can put four wheels+tires into and take them to the tire shop for replacement.