bmw 2002


Apr 1, 2006

     It's no joke, I spent most of the day gutting out Webby's interior, pulling up carpet and vacuuming away cobwebs.  The interior still looks terrible.  I need to actually wash it, and all the glue that held down the carpeting looks really bad.  I'll try to get rid of the glue since I probably won't be recarpeting the car for a long time.  I vacuumed out the trunk, too.

     There were a few surprises.  Each of the seats bolt to the body at four points.  One of those points on the driver's side is totally bent out of shape.  I think someone had previously tried to remove the seat without removing that screw and bent the mount out of shape.  Shifting gears is very loose.  I had thought that the linkage in the transmission was shot.  Now it appears that all the movement in the shift lever is due to the lever itself not being mounted right (if at all).  I'll have to get the car up on blocks and look under there to see what's going on.  I don't know how this problem could have persisted since you wouldn't be able to drive terribly well with the shift knob moving all over the place.  The rear side panels aren't looking great, but I really don't want to have to replace them.  Lastly, it appears that the trunk lid is actuall from a different car.  Red paint is peeking out of the cracks in the black respray.  That might explain why the trunk lid doesn't sit too straight.  I don't see any evidence of a rear end collision, though.

     Interesting finds:  one ball point pen, black;  one dessicated lizard carcass;  sixty cents in change.

Looking into the gutted interior.  All the orange stuff that looks like rust is actually the residue of the original glue that held in the interior's carpet and padding.1971 BMW 2002 interior

The driver's side seat mount, with borked rear mounting hole.1971 BMW 2002 seat mount

The back looks good, but the rear dash had to go.  It was nothing but rotted wood and two broken speakers.1971 BMW 2002 rear seat

Looking forward.1971 BMW 2002

Driver's side door interior.  The door panel looks . . . ok.  Could be better, could be much much worse.1971 BMW 2002 driver's door

Passenger's side door interior.1971 BMW 2002 passenger's door

The trunk's in good shape, but it's still got a lot of dust that the vacuum wouldn't pull out.1971 BMW 2002 trunk

The only two holes in the spare tire well.1971 BMW 2002 spare tire well