bmw 2002

Burning the Brake Lights

May 10, 2009

     Since Webby's drivable, I'd like to get things like the headlights and brake lights and signals working so I drive it safely and maybe even register in someday.  So, time to tackle electrical gremlins.  There's no sense in pulling and replacing all the wiring if the fuses are no good.  I found some replacement fuses from the previous owner, so let's plug 'em in and see what happens.

None of the old fuses are burned out, but they look haggard.

old fuses

I pulled the old fuses, cleaned the terminals, and popped in new ones.

new fuses

And, wouldn't you know it, the brake lights work now.

brake lights

     Sometimes it's easy.  Sometimes.  I mean, none of the other lights work.  Well, except for the check engine light, which has always worked.  And is always on.