bmw 2002

Brake Job

Jun 8, 2008

     I posted a while back about the status of the brakes.  At that time, I had fixed up the rear drum brakes and replaced the front brake hoses with stainless steel ones.  But when I went to flush the system with new fluid I found out that the front calipers were basically shot.  It's been a long time, and the whole system is fixed up now.

Both of the front calipers had morbidly stuck pistons.  Rather than rebuild them myself, which I wasn't sure was possible, I bought some rebuilt ones and sent in my old ones for the core refund.  The rebuilt calipers look brand new (just some surface rust from sitting on my shelf).

front caliper old front caliper new

I cut and removed the rear brake hoses . . .

rear bake lines removed

. . . and replaced them with stainless steel braided lines.

rear brake lines stainless

I replaced these two rubber grommets on the brake master cylinder.  They receive hoses from the brake fluid reservoir and the old grommets were cracked and worn.

brake master cylinder

All three of the rubber hoses from the brake fluid reservoir were in a bad way, so I replaced each.

brake fluid resevoir

     With the brake system once again intact, I filled the reservoir with brake fluid and flushed the entire system with new fluid using a pressure bleeder.  The pressure bleeder attaches to the fluid reservoir and pressurizes the system, so when you open a bleeder valve anywhere, fluid flows out of it.  It made flushing the entire system very quick and easy, with no need to enlist someone to repeatedly pump the brake pedal.

     For my future reference, the order for bleeding the brake lines is:  right rear, left rear, right front, left front.  For the front calipers (which have three bleed valves each), the order is:  inner valve, outer lower valve, outer upper valve.  I bled the clutch slave cylinder's valve last and I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter when in the order you bleed the clutch valve; it's on a separate line off of the fluid reservoir than the brakes.

     So the brakes oughtta work.  We'll find out!  No worries, I know that the hand brake works because the movers used it to skid the car to a stop when they moved it out here from Arizona.